HM Land Registry UCD Away Day

“We dare not look under the hoodinto the big deep problems, we build digital garnish to distract from the problems” — Tom Goodwin

  • How we collaborate — our citizen services UCD team on how they have formed a strong collaborative team in this area of HM Land Registry. A great example of how user researcher Sophie works with Erin and Rosie in the Design practice to share insights and inform design work.
  • Listening Exercise — User Researcher Matthew Clarke gave a highly practical and impactful workshop on active listening, an important skill not just for UR’s!
  • Outcomes mapping — our TPX Impact senior service designer Joe Bramall led us in a deep dive into outcomes mapping, with teams working in groups to map out desired short and long term outcomes for the work they are doing. As heads of practice, myself and Zaffreen did the same activity with a focus on community which was interesting and revealing.

“Something special is happening here”.



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Laura Yarrow

Laura Yarrow


UX and tech geek. Observer of humans. Crisp connoisseur. Yarn fondler. Undercover Northerner.