• Simone(Szeman) L.

    Simone(Szeman) L.

    Cantonese & mental Anglo-Saxon with interdisciplinary and transnational background living in Canada, big fan of South East Asia and Big Data. Live for big city.

  • Fiona MacNeill

    Fiona MacNeill

    #EdTech #UX person interested in: #Accessibility #RStats

  • Tomás Nicolini

    Tomás Nicolini

    UX Designer at Galicia Bank

  • Alysha Jivani

    Alysha Jivani

    curious ux designer & researcher who loves transforming abstract concepts into tangible user flows and observing how people use and get confused by technology

  • eddiecoyote


    just living my life one breath at a time

  • Jessica Jiang

    Jessica Jiang

    Senior Digital Product Designer @miomni. Formerly UI/UX @cisco. Foodie from CA living in UK.

  • Katarzyna Kubalska

    Katarzyna Kubalska

  • deji techserv

    deji techserv

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