The tumultuous rapids of leadership — Photo by Tim Peterson on Unsplash

Adopting the philosophy of the Water Way

At the end of last year I took on the role of Head of Design at HM Land Registry, and now I’m about 3 months in I wanted to take some time to reflect on that time. I’d started remotely, during a global…

Time to sunset 2020 and look towards 2021

The sun setting over Maiden Castle, Dorset, UK

The strange tale of 2020

This year has really done me in. Done us all in. At the start of the year I listed out everthing that I was planning to do, and it was a long and fairly epic list. Work in Paris, giving talks and workshops in Japan, Denmark, Berlin and Scotland, and…

A crafty day out at Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre

I thought it might be interesting to write about something other than UX, service design and research for once, so here’s a short segway into some of the crafty activities I got up to one sunny weekend near Cranborne, Dorset.

If you’ve met me you’ll know I have a love…

How a low-fi experience can still be immersive, educational, memorable and inclusive

Image credit: Microsoft/Mojang

Like many parents around the world who have been thrust into close quarters with their family 24 hours a day due to the pandemic, I too have been desperately trying to adapt to homeschooling, juggling both mine and…

Using the term “design leader” has got out of control. Can we all please, just calm down.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be a design leader, either overt or undercover — i’m far from it. These are some observations of the community I find myself orbiting. …

Laura Yarrow

UX and tech geek. Observer of humans. Crisp connoisseur. Yarn fondler. Undercover Northerner.

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